No Longer Here, but Still Not There

Sometimes in my dreams I have seen myself dressed in white. Would it be my innocence crying out its presence?

Intrigued by these recurring dreams, in 2011 I started working on my series “No longer here, but still not there.” Adolescence imprinted in me that moment where we leave the innocence behind, and not because we want to or because we are aware of it, it simply happens because we began to use purity to attract and also to seduce.

This series shows the awakening of sensuality and sexuality with its edges. Although, it is a very intimate event, so intimate that it is difficult to penetrate its intricate mysteries, it is also undergoes a strong intervention by external forces; the culture in which we grow-up and the society that surrounds the event. Adolescence thus expresses an individual and a collective identity.

The photographic sessions were intimate and fleeting, as is the case of adolescence. The models received basic instructions, like where to direct the look or where to place themselves. It was important for me to let them be, and let them show all the sensuality they have inside.

In this series reality is intersects with my imaginative life, my remembering of my own adolescence.